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[sticky post]Introducing elisaexplosive
Who am I? 

I'm someone who was away for a long time. 

Someone who maybe found her way back.

I'm coping with a lot and need to get over things through writing. I moved back to this site, so that maybe I'll find actual good fics to read. 

My heroes are Tablo, JJ Lin, Hyosung and Ju Da Ha

That was irrelevant. 


Cries in a Distance [1]

Get the hell out of my bed!” It wasn’t the scream that woke me up from a terrifying dream, but the cold, hard floor underneath my trembling body as I opened my eyes and stared at a furious guy. He was tall, had beautiful, shiny, dark hair and captivating eyes.

There were moments in my life when I realized I lived in intervals of sanity and the opposite. Right now I was deeply sunk into darkness and the confusion of it.

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