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Cries in a Distance [1]

Get the hell out of my bed!” It wasn’t the scream that woke me up from a terrifying dream, but the cold, hard floor underneath my trembling body as I opened my eyes and stared at a furious guy. He was tall, had beautiful, shiny, dark hair and captivating eyes.

There were moments in my life when I realized I lived in intervals of sanity and the opposite. Right now I was deeply sunk into darkness and the confusion of it.

It took some time to process this all over and over again until that one certain point where I would comprehend the fact that I indeed had sneaked into his bed again. Just like last week and some days before that.

What I remembered from the last time, I had my arms wrapped around his waist while clinging onto him like someone who needed the person like oxygen. I would bury my head in his back and live through my nightmares, tightly against him.

Doojoon, the guy I had been talking about, grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up, not even bothering to ask if it hurt. He wasn’t a guy of many words and followed some kind of routine each and every time he had found me in his bed.

Taking note that our dorm rooms weren’t that far apart, he just dragged me through the hallway, which was a very painful experience, and dropped me off in my room. As always, he gave me a dirty look and shook his eyes.

“Farewell.”, I simply remarked. “You won’t be bothered by me again.”, I wasn’t even sure whether he had heard that at all, but I needed to let that out.

I didn’t know Doojoon and Doojoon didn’t know me. I was way out of his league at college, while he was an outgoing, popular guy who was athletic and handsome. I wasn’t even sure how to describe myself without using the word insane.

What would you do if you heard a story about a random guy sneaking into a stranger’s bed? It’s insane right? Unnatural?

Doojoon had left already after slamming my door. I crawled into my own bed and stared at the wall in front of me. This was indeed the last time I would subconsciously pull off a stunt like that.

Not because I had seen the light and found a remedy for my weird sleeping habits. No.

Because I was leaving.

I suffered from a severe depression and other things doctors weren’t sure of and needed to be examined and helped in the nearest mental institution. At first I acted as if my life was over, but then I realized that I didn’t even have a life. So why not pretending I had one in a mental hospital?

It was only for two weeks, that’s what had been said to me and to be honest, it sounded like a fair way out of this mess I called college.

So maybe I should embrace it and hope that along the way, when I’ll finally get out, I had found a solution to leave Doojoon alone.

This is actually a rewrite of a oneshot I wrote when I just started writing fanfictions. Only the idea is included, the rest is  being processed into something new.

It's been a long time since I wrote Dooseob on Livejournal and I'm glad I'm back. 

Thank you for reading! 

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the idea sure is new... I'll be stalking you for updates

OwO that was awesome~~ /gluesselftoscreeen

I liked the idea of a psyco Seobbie~~~ /getsshot ehehehe~~ i shall be back~~~

Thank you for the awesomeness btw~~ ^^


Thank you so much!

Psycho Seobbie :d That's gonna stick xD

oh wow ;_;
first of all, FINALLY I SEE A DOOSEOB!!!
seriously, its been all junseung and stuff ._.
what happend to the kiwoons and Dooseobs???

meh~~ anyway, i live where this is going ^^
yayyy~~~ I (strangely o.o) Love psycho Seob~~~ (cuz is most "insane" fics I read, Seob is usually the psycho one xDDD)
omo, me shall follow this!!! >:DDDD //followsyoulikeapuppy

anyway, I'm still so happy about the DooSeob *jumps up and down* :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I was searching for some Dooseob and thought the exact same thing!

Yay, I'm happy! Thank you so much! ♥

please continue..^^ i like it

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